Helping keep cities safe by
Taking Guns off the streets.


See how GunBail gets illegal guns off the streets.
GunBail's App gets the process started easily.

Simply take a picture of the firearm from within the GunBail app, specify the inmate and his location, and pay the GunBail Shipping & Handling fee. We'll send you a GunBail box and tell you where to drop off the firearm, all while granting amnesty during the process.

* GunBail is currently in Beta. Firearms are not being accepted at this time.
Your GunBail box will arrive in 3 business days!

Safely pack the firearm, securing the trigger with the provided trigger lock, add a photo copy of your ID (required by law), and drop the GunBail box at a nearby facility. Once you've dropped your GunBail box at a drop-off location it's recorded in our system as officially surrendered. We send all surrendered guns to local law enforcement authorities.

Getting illegal guns off the streets in exchange for bail for inmates in pretrial custody.

Once the firearm is surrendered it can take up to 3 days for local law enforcement to receive it. Once we've turned it over to them your loved one can post bail as early as 48 hours depending on the local law enforcement agency. Regardless the GunBail team is with you every step off the way to make sure your loved one gets released and illegal guns stay off the streets.

The Movement

Reducing crime and senseless
acts of violence is no small feat.

 That's why proceeds for every
"STOP THE TEARS" product that's purchased 100% will go towards inmates who have illegal guns to surrender but can't afford the GunBail box.

the movement

From start to finish, how long does it take for my gun to be surrendered and for my loved one to be released?

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