How GunBail Works

GunBail is not only innovating on how illegal guns are taken off the streets,
we are also innovating how inmates in holding can post bail by using their illegal guns as payment.
See exactly how GunBail works below.

Easy, Step-by-Step Process.

1. add Gun to App

Simply take a picture of the firearm from within the GunBail app, specify the inmate and his location, and pay the GunBail Shipping & Handling fee. We'll send you a GunBail box and tell you where to drop off the firearm, all while granting amnesty during the process.

2. Ship Gun

Safely pack the firearm, securing the trigger with the provided trigger lock, and just drop the GunBail box at a nearby facility. Once you've dropped your GunBail box at a drop-off location it's recorded in our system as officially surrendered. We send all surrendered guns to local law enforcement authorities.

3. Guns for Bail

Once the firearm is surrendered it can take up to 3 days for local law enforcement to receive it. Once we've turned it over to them your loved one can post bail as early as 48 hours depending on the local law enforcement agency. Regardless the GunBail team is with you every step off the way to make sure your loved one gets released and illegal guns stay off the streets.