Why People Believe in Us

It's hard to argue that gun violence isn't a huge issue.  People believe in GunBail because we're the only solution that works with the normal activity law enforcement agencies are engaging in to get illegal guns off the streets by allowing inmates in holding to willingly turn their handguns in for bail.

Our Mission

GunBail was launched with a simple mission: To get illegal guns off the streets and save more lives. Over 95% of gun homicides are committed with illegal guns. Our solution will have the largest impact on gun violence by encouraging offenders to turn in guns.

Our Founder

Gun violence is personal for us. Our founder, Trevor Brooks, knows first hand how gun violence effects families and communities from growing up in inner-city Baltimore. Reducing gun violence isn't just a passion project for Trevor, it's a life long mission.

Our Pledge

Our Pledge is to remove 10 million guns off our streets and reduce crimes committed with illegal guns by (30%).
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